Sunday, March 18, 2007

Done With D-Link

I will never buy another D-Link product again. Neither will any of my clients. They have been added to my Axis of Avoidance.

I say this based on an experience with an external USB WiFi network adapter, model DWL-G120. In brief:

On the first computer I tried it on, the adapter wouldn't even install. The first response from D-Link tech support was typically useless. I expected that. On the second computer, the software crashed while being installed. Still, on this machine at least, I did get Windows to recognize the adapter and Device Manager to say it was functional. But, it wouldn't connect to any WiFi network.

Then it turns out the adapter does not support WPA encryption despite the fact that the retailer (NewEgg) and D-Link both say that WPA is supported. I'm returning it to NewEgg based on this mis-representation.

Registering the adapter was also miserable. The online registration application doesn't work well, the questions they ask are extremely personal (like how much money do you make and what are your hobbies) and the registration web page is specifically designed to trick you into giving permission for them to spam you.

And uninstalling the D-Link software on the second machine was also a problem.

At my site, I've documented all the details about my DWL-G120 experience. But, in a nutshell, avoid D-Link.

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