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Bad Dell Tech Support

A client, who had been dealing with Dell technical support, came to me with his Dell Inspiron 1150 laptop that no longer ran. The machine came with Windows XP SP1 and after installing Service Pack 2 it slowed down. Then while trying to download the post-SP2 patches it hung.

The first thing Dell had him do (in response to a different set of software problems) was restore the machine to its factory fresh state. There is a hidden copy of Windows on the hard disk for just this purpose and you invoke the recovery program with Control-F11 during system startup.

That worked, the machine was restored. But problems continued.

Next, Dell had him do a clean install of Windows from a Windows CD. This worked too, but the machine had no software on it other than Windows itself and only ran at 640x480 screen resolution.

He wanted the pre-installed software, so Dell tried to restore again to the factory fresh state. But the restore refused to run. Control-F11 no longer invoked the restore program. At this point he came to me.

The only real problem was the incompetence of Dell technical support.

Dell mistake number 1:

Restoring the machine to factory-fresh state requires a special Dell-specific Master Boot Record (the first thing run by the computer after the BIOS has done its job). It turns out that a clean installation of Windows XP updates the Master Boot Record and wipes out the fudges Dell put there. This breaks the Control-F11 feature. So Dell tech support told him to do something that made it impossible to later restore to factory-fresh state - and they didn't know this. When faced with the problem of not being able to restore the machine, Dell support said he must have wiped out the partition.

The story continues:

The main problem after the first recovery back to factory-fresh state was the machine running very slowly. Extremely slowly. This happened after installing Windows XP Service Pack 2 (again, the machine shipped with XP Service Pack 1).

After I restored the machine to factory-fresh state, I un-installed all the junky software that Dell pre-installs on their consumer machines. Then I installed Service Pack 2 and the machine slowed to a crawl. Using Process Explorer I could see the huge amount of cpu being used but there was no one culprit. I turned off all auto-started programs and all optional services to no effect. The "Explorer" process was using alot of cpu time.

Since no applications were running and cpu usage was still very high, it had to have been SP2 that caused the problem. I remembered that when SP2 came out some vendors created updates for their computers that had to be applied to make them SP2 compatible.

Long story short, installing the Dell updates for SP2 that applied to the Inspiron 1150 fixed the cpu usage problem. The machine ran ten times faster than it had been.

Dell mistake number 2:

Ignorance of the above. Dell created updates for SP2 for this machine and yet tech support never suggested installing them when faced with the problem of SP2 slowing down the machine.

Dell mistake number 3:

In searching for the relevant updates to this machine, I entered the service tag at Dell's support site and was presented with a long list of updated software and drivers. A very long list. Too long. It included driver updates for many hardware devices that this machine did not have. For example, there were updates for four or five different optical drives. It was up to me to research the actual hardware and find the appropriate updates.

Other computer vendors do a better job of this. They have software that handles the finding and installing of the correct driver updates. Even if writing software is too hard, how hard can it be to maintain a hardware inventory by service tag and only display the appropriate driver updates? Too hard for Dell it seems.

A huge thank-you goes to Dan Goodell for writing the DSRFIX program that zapped the MBR and made Control-F11 again invoke the recovery utility. It was a life saver. Dan has documented this in great detail. See his Inside the Dell PC Restore Partition. Thanks Dan.

You could consider Dell's lack of documentation about this and their not creating a similar program, their fourth mistake.
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Anonymous said...

so,the comp has service pack one.hmmm....hmmmm,of course issues will occur. the machine is old and is trying to digest a big glurt of windows updates.

Michael Horowitz said...

Yes, the machine is old, but with 512MB of ram, it has sufficient horsepower to run XP SP2. After installing SP2 and the subsequent 78 bug fixes, its still zippy.

Anonymous said...

With so many things being said recently about Dell’s demise and my own experience having matched what was said. I was pleasantly surprised recently to find that Dell has made strides to correct their customer service problems. I work on the east coast and recently flew out for a company saving presentation to the west coast. And my laptop dies on me on the plane during my flight. My presentation was the next day at 3:00pst. My hard drive was dead and my presentation on it. I had made a backup copy on my desktop before leaving. I called into Dell at the airport when I landed. I escalated to Emut a L2 tech in Canada. I told him it was life and death that I received a hard drive with software the next day. I had been meaning to replace my Dell Latitude d600 for some time. But if it isn’t broke don’t fix it. Emut told me that the hard drive would be blank as Dell no longer had the image for the D600. I asked to be escalated further and was told I would get a call back from the Resolution Expert Center. And about 4 hours later a Jeffrey Scully called me. He himself said that Dell no longer had the image for the non shipping D600 Latitude. But he went on to say that his co-worker had a D600 and it was imaged with a non corporate image of XP Pro and Office. And that I could have that hard drive. And he (Jeff) would get another one for his co-worker. And buy him a Coke. Jeff then sent the hard drive overnight to my Hotel. It was waiting for me when I came down for breakfast the next day. I placed it into my D600 and did a remote connection into my desktop. Downloaded my presentation files in Power Point. All with five hours to spare. And even did some further tweaking because of some new information I had received. Say what you want about Dell but you are not going to convince me that any other computer manufacturer would have done this for me. I know that they would not have done this for me! My next laptop will be a D630. Jeff even sent me a coupon for it.

Anonymous said...

I understand that Dell monitors blogs about its company, service and support. Not, mind you, to look for ways to improve, but with an eye to how is this going to affect us. I urge we gather together and keep the pressure on, contact your AG office, BBB, the FTC, take legal action.
And hope that your actions don't land you in the lap of their customer service rep from hell, Linda Kelly.
Louis L

wj lockard said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hi Michael

THanks for the feedback. You have provided a very thoughtful assessment of some of the errors that we made and we are taking at look at whether these were individual matters or more systemic. Appreciate the feedback here.

Anonymous, glad we were able to deliver the support we can pride ourselves on. We have been working on Mr. Lockhard's issue.

Louise, in fact we do look to "fix" things based on what we read and find in blogs and learn. We are not simply acting because of affect on us.

As part of our business turn around we understand the need to get our customer and technical support back to where it was...and even better. We are focused on customers like never before... its one of our real strengths :-) ...and we are trying all sorts of new things.

For example, we just asked customers for feedback on several new service ideas at our Ideastorm site and blogged about it on direct2dell. Check out fo even more detailed discussion.

Thanks again for the feedback here

Michael Horowitz said...


If you really are a Dell employee working on improving customer service, best of luck. I doubt however, that it's a job that can be done. Too many people with an entrenched way of doing things. Probably a general in the military couldn't even get that many thousands of people to do things in a different way. Let alone a corporate executive without MPs and a brig.

Here's a suggestion: Better documentation. It will save you a fortune.


Anonymous said...

Thanks Michael for the thoughts. How about better documentation combined with cultural changes :-). I am a Dell employee. I hope you also got my email.

Jeffrey Scully said...

I will reply to the comments by William Lockard since my name shows up on this website. A user I helped with a hard drive in May sent me this listing. I saw the post he had done as well as William Lockard's post. And decided to help him since he had put his account number, order number, case numbers, and svc tag number in the listing. Which by the way you should never do because someone with that info could call in and claim to be you. After talking to William I found out that certain business application software he was using did not work in Vista. Also he had a problem with a broadband modem express card working. William is in Scotland currently and needed a Globe Trotter card instead of the card he bought which only worked in the USA. He had already corrected that problem. I corrected the Vista problem be building him a unit with XP on it. I could not ship it from the USA to Scotland. So I got it ready and shipped it with his girlfriend. When she came to Scotland for a visit. He has it now and from what he has told me it is working fine with his apps. I even threw in a couple of upgrades for the delay he encountered. He will email me back if he needs anything else. Not sure what to say about the rest of what was written since everything seemed to resolve itself with the OS swop. Some of the items listed were because of the overlap between overseas and US support. And transferring ownership to the country you are working in from where you bought it from. Not sure what to say about selling this unit with known defects since we sell about 250,000 of them a month. I am glad it worked out all around.

Michael Horowitz said...

This is a reposting of an item from user "wj lockard" that was originally created June 13, 2007. I can't update comments, only delete them. Thus to do an update, I had to modify the original (which is below) and then delete the original.

The update was requested by a Dell employee to protect Mr. Lockard. All I did was remove some ID numbers associated Mr. Lockard and his computer because bad guys could have used them to do bad things. Mr. Lockard could not be contacted since he didn't leave an email address.

I need serious help. I bought a Dell Inspiron 5150 back nearly 2 months ago now and have yet to get a working machine. From the very beginning I've had serious issues with it and have been making phone calls and sending emails and am getting absolutely nowhere and so frustrated that I just want to return this computer and buy one from HP. I can't take this aggrivation anymore and have lost around 20 customers and roughly $45,000 in annual business since these problems began. I can't take it anymore and have got to have resolution immediately or I might as well shut my doors for good. If I lose anymore customers I'm out of business.

The details:William J Lockard
Order Date 4-2-2007
Customer Number - 99999999
Order Number - 999999999 & 999999999

Financed and ordered on a Dell Preferred Account
Tag No xxxxxxx
First Case number - 161196050
Second Case number - 161197106
Third Case number - 162380539
Chat Session Log - 11177307
Fourth Case Number - 164541727

Yet another email sent 5-30-07 - Was told the problem was escalated to the REC in Texas. Adam UID: 141169 Case: 164541727.

Activities with Tech Support:
Uninstalled McAfee
Reinstalled Vista (was not told I'd lose all installed programs btw)
Ran full diagnosis 7 times with both US and UK tech support

I have various other emails and contacts but the meat of the story is below:

First I find this on the site:

"After reading this page a Dell employee (and long time True reader) passed along some helpful advice, responding to my note that I bought the Inspiron 5150 when it was quite new, and that it was discontinued very shortly after. She wrote: "It's been my experience that our systems are either so solid they are still working years after their warranty, or are so bad they disappear quickly. It occurred to me that you might be a good person to pass on a tip that was given to me by a veteran tech at Dell: Never buy a product when it first comes out. Wait a month, then check the Dell Outlet. If you see too many of them available, the system is not a bargain at any price." Good advice."
So problem 1 is that they first sell me a system with KNOWN ISSUES!!!

I also find another site that repeats over and over that the 5150/vista/mcafee combination DOESN'T WORK! Nobody at Dell told me this and I'm SURE they knew.

Finally escalated to customer support after Tech Support gave up. Ms Vinishaa Parthipan promised to email me to get an address to which she'd be sending the new system. This was Thursday May 31. By noon the next day, I'd still not heard from her. Tried to call customer support and was told I was absolutely not allowed to speak to a customer support manager by some rude switchboard employee. Explained to him how upset I was and how his behavior was making the situation much worse. He replied, "I really don't care. You're not going to speak to a customer service manager. You can speak to Tech support." I explained to him that i'd already spoken to tech support a dozen times and they could no longer help me. Their words. Not mine. And they'd transferred me to customer service. I finally got Tony's supervisor on the phone who said he'd transfer me since I'd already spoken to them once. Then I got disconnected.

Finally contacted by Vinishaa Parthipan Customer Relations UKIRE late on the 1st and asked for an address for a new system to be sent to. I emailed back immediately asking for an estimated delivery date.

I was told that it'd be 10-15 working days before I could get a new system with XP instead of Vista. Informed her that I was losing business daily and really needed it sooner. She committed to 7-8 working days and would confirm a delivery date soon. On the following Monday, she'd still not put the order in and said she'd get to it on Tuesday. As of today (6-13-07) I've not received the PC or even a delivery date. Ms Parthipan has no business in customer service and in my opinion should be fired. She's ignored every email I've sent in days. Has NOT followed through on her promises. Has not delivered what she said she would and I'm convinced she didn't even put through the order like she said. I informed her that I approve the purchase orders for the World's 3rd largest engineering firm computers and up until this point all of them were purchased through Dell. I've now cancelled many of them and directed them to be purchased through HP. She apparently didn't care that her attitude and rudeness is losing business now for Dell like Dell has for me. I've lost over 20 customers for my photography/graphics business because I couldn't deliver on my contracts without a working machine. I can't take this anymore. All I wanted was a working machine. She promised to get me the same laptop with Windows XP instead of Vista. All I asked was to get it in a timely manner. I've done everything I was asked to do and am now being ignored and I don't understand. This was the 2nd machine I'd bought from dell and after this will probably be the last for me and for the corporation I work for.

I will also be posting this to several blogs and to my website along with the companies intranet and a global email throughout the companies 35,000 or so employees if this isn't resolved within the next 48 hours. I've been poorly treated, lied to, jerked around, hung up on and am thoroughly disgusted by this entire experience. I literally cannot take anymore. I was even getting late charges because I'd financed through Dell and hadn't made a payment yet because I didn't have a working machine. Fortunately they were the one group willing to work with me and understand. Please ya'll I need help. I just want this resolved one way or the other and it MUST be resolved immediately or I'm finished. This business was to be my retirement and if I lose the customers I have left...well I'll have no choice but to join the NY State Attorney General because it's all I have left. Don't let them ruin my business and DUDE DON'T GET A DELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jeffrey Scully said...

Thank you Michael for pulling off those account numbers I do not want William to have any more problems now that he is up and running.

Stephanie Woods, Esq said...

More bad tech support

I purchased a Dell OptiPlex 170L in April 2006 for my solo practice law firm. In July 2006, it completely crashed with huge blue screen issues.
I was without a computer for over a week. I had three separate tech visits, many, many tech calls, and they ended up replacing everything but the hard drive in the computer. I was given the choice of a new computer if my Dell ever broke again.

In November-guess what-blue screen issues again? Fortunately, these resolved after 1-2 days.

Come July 25, back to blue screen of death! I now have no internet connection-which is the only way I can bill, verify my court appointments to clients, and do my legal research. I talk to a Charles on Thursday who promises me the tech will call me Friday after 3pm when I am back from court. I come back from court to a message from the tech stating that he understood that I needed repair sometime next week. Charles had given me a choice of a new computer, or assuring me of the fact that my computer would be fixed Monday since Dell was replacing everything-and keeping the old hard drive as an auxiliary, and reinstalling Windows. He also promised me that I did not have to be there for the tech to work on my computer since I told him I had court all week.

I called the tech when I came back friday, and left two messages-he never called me back Friday. When I called the tech support, I was told that I had to be there for tech to show up. When I told them that was not what I was promised, they said that was not true. When I said OK, fine, I will take a new computer, I was put on hold for a very long time, and then told I was not entitled to one. I then asked to speak to a supervisor. After being put on hold for another long time, I spoke to a supervisor, who again told me I had to be present for the tech to work on my computer. When I insisted on a new computer, he finally relented and agreed to a refurbished one that he stated would come within 10-15 days.

I believe that i have been treated very shabbily by Dell. I should be entitled to a new computer, or my money back. There are broken promises all over the place-lost time and lost money, lost documents, etc. Every time I spoke to a tech, I get a different story. They renege on their word. They evidently do not give a damn about small business owners and their ability to earn income. I will be telling everyone I know to NEVER, EVER, buy a Dell. Stephanie Woods, Esq.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes what we forget as customers is that how we provide information to the people working over at the other side of the line on what was happening; next claiming that the problem is a known issue with Microsoft Windows XP SP1 and SP2 then why do we blame Dell with this issue... blame Microsoft...

Anonymous said...

it is really one of the problems of some Dell customer. they keep on blaming Dell when the problem is software.

DrArkaneX said...

As an Ex-Dell employee, you have to understand that the Dell Tech that's on the other end of the phone is Human. Sometimes you will get someone that knows your problem and sometimes you don't. Basically, from the hiring process of tech support at Dell, if you have a pulse, you're hired. In my training class, out of 22 people there were 3 people that knew computers, 16 that were sorta mid line knew their stuff or has been around computers long enough to know what difference a ram chip is to a ignition coil and 3 ppl that never owned a computer and didn't care as long as they were gettin that paycheck.

Dell tech support has really taken a blow. I know computers fairly well. I've taken calls that started out hard (meaning 8 other techs have been through it prior). The straw that broke the camel's back for me was I got a 61% audit (70% is failing) on a fixed call that lasted 45 min. The lady had been through 8 other techs and 13 hours on the phone trying to fix her printer. the first 30 minutes was trying to calm her down enough to where we could trouble shoot and then 10 min. of actually working on the problem and fixing it and the last 5 min for logging and debrief. My coach told me "We're not here to fix the customer's problem, we're here to fix the customer" Screw Dell and just build your own computer. Buy a computer nerd in your town some beers and he'll build you a computer.

Anonymous said...

Not saying the computer(original post)could not handle xp. What I'm saying is this, updating from service pack one to service pack two is usualy a rough journey.Blaming the DELL machine for this is ridiculous. Forget the image restore if the comp is out of date and install from updated copy of xp.:]

Rivergoat said...

I deal with Dell on 2 levels. For work I am actually a Dell Certified technician, which means I can get them to send me warranty parts, and when I call the number I need to I do not get connected to India.

Secondly, I was given a broken Inspiron 8200 laptop, "if you can fix it, you can keep it." I was able to replace a small daughterboard, reformat the hard disk and get it working fine. I would NEVER buy Dell based on their "tech support." When I attempted to install an internal mini-pci wireless NIC into the laptop I could not get it to completely work, it would been seen by the system, receive a strong signal, but tell the system it was disconnected. For a kick I tried tech support on line (using a PCMCIA adapter). Sure enough connected to a tech in India who did not even know what a "NIC" is. He asked the same questions over and over, wanting me to do things that had no meaning whatsoever with my problem. Over an hour of circles and he finally says to contact the seller from where I received the card. BTW...since I can't get that card working worth a damn, I'm going with a Belkin PCMCIA that is fully functional.

The question is.....with so many complaints against the inept level of Dell, how are they staying in business? I tell everyone I meet in the field to not buy any Dell products. Certainly if this laptop ever died beyond hope I would look to another manufacturer (and even then hope and pray).

This is not isolated to the few Dell people that don't undestand something, it is widespread and the poorest excuse for business I've seen. In my present jo I have run into an admission by Dell that the Optiplex GX280 desktop had a known bad motherboard, and we have replaced hundreds of these.

I build my own desktops, I only wish I could do the same with a laptop.

Dell-ete it said...

Dell still has customers because it's cheap, and set-up is user-friendly. That's the bottom line. A lot of people take the gamble that nothing will go wrong. I took that gamble, too, and now I'm suffering.

After swearing to swear off Dell when I bought my second Dimension desktop, I caved and bought a monitor because I needed a flat panel that I knew would be compatible with a two-year-old PC. I picked a model and called Dell customer service, who promptly convinced me to upgrade for just ten bucks more. I asked them if this upgraded model would be compatible with my current system, and they said yes...Turns out it's not.

However, because I was moving shortly and kept the monitor in its original packaging for about two weeks beyond their 21 day return limit, they now want me to return it at my significant expense. Since I work from home and am on the computer all day, the lag between returning the monitor and receiving a new one would be detrimental to my business. Given that I was already misinformed about the compatibility issue, I'm not sure I even trust them to give me the refund now.

I'm going to sell this monitor and buy another (non-Dell) from Amazon. Dell has lost me as a customer, and mine isn't even the worst example of the stuff they've pulled on people.

Mark said...

Dell's INDIA support is beyond bad -- I called to get a video driver the Indian rep dials in and tries to tell me I have anti-virus software problem. I just formatted the pc and the AV has not even been installed yet. Then he says the video card does not need a driver. What a freaking idiot. I think the dude only understood every 5th word I said.

Luckily a forum had a link to the driver I needed. This will be my last dell purchase and I urge everyone to boycott companies that outsource !!!


Anonymous said...

If you boycott every company that outsources that would include 80% of said companies. Good luck with that!

Sean Foster said...

Yeah, man. That's overkill. Boycott all companies that outsource?! Enroll in an anger management class... NOW.

Anonymous said...

My biggest problem with Dell has been their lack of tech support. When I bought my XPS M140 2yrs ago, I was furious about their policy of not sending the software and OS cd's with the computer because of their wonderful new restore technique...oh brother. Lately, I discovered on their website a link where customers can make a one time request for backup cd's to be sent. Well after submitting my request from that site, and an email 2 weeks later about it, I still haven't heard a peep. Nothing but crickets, not that I was really expecting anything after 2yrs and out of warranty. Funny thing is after I recieved the computer 2yrs. ago I called "XPS Expert" line or whatever they call it and asked for the cd's. I was instructed no, and there is a restore function we will have you try, and if that don't work then we'll send cd's. Then they decide to offer them to customers, but I make a request and get nothing....either way. I have recently had a monster of a time upgrading my hd to larger size and thanks to Dan Goodell for solving that mess for me. The whole time with no backup cd's resources disk or anything. This request for backup cd's was one last attempt of Dell customer support before leaving the brand for good.

Anonymous said...

I guess I spoke to soon, or Dell is reading these comments. They forwarded the CD set. They'll likely get my business again as a result.

gautam beri said...

DELL for home, that should be last thing on earth u would wanna do, for business I cant say, I dont have a DELL computer i never wanted one either. Recently i purchased a DELL 22" Monitor hoping to b the best with integrated webcam and HD quality, when i installed the driver for webcam, it screwed up my USB ports, it flashed them and my new HP Photosmart printer stopped working and webcam didnt work. I called DELL for support, but the reps keep bouncing me from Projection devices to Desktop utilities, but either refused to help saying this is the wrong department for LCD Monitors and some times they just hung up the calls on me. Finally by yelling enough I got one the support guy to help me. He simply said there is no one who can help you, Please go and return the product and buy some other Monitor.
What a pig i asked wht if refund days are over and I cant get a refund i am only stuck with DELL warranty,I asked him if he is saying that they wont help me and i made a mistake purchasing a DELL LCD and now i am stuck with a Brand New Monitor with webcam not working, that screwed my printer and there is no way to get help, he said thank you for calling DELL is there is anything else he can Help me with.
So that was the award winning service I got
Who else feel like awarding them

Anonymous said...

Now on my 2nd "Dell-replaced" new (2 weeks old)computer for the same issue ... "Loading PBR Descriptor...Done" machine freeze. The first Dell had the same issue twice, and India could not solve it, and finally Dell replaced the CPU with an identical configuration, telling me either the HD or motherboard , or both, were bad. Got the 2nd CPU up and running, and 3 weeks later I got the same PBR issue again. Called India, and this time they wanted to send me a new motherboard and HD, and have me install them and reinstall the OS. I told them this MUST be a known issue, as this is the 3 rd time with 2 machines that this is happening. They said they could only replace the HD & motherboard, that's it. So, I called customer care, and asked for a refund and to send this junk back. They said "no", and referred me back to India tech support. I worked on the machine myself without tech support for about 3 hrs, and finally, somehow, got to "Restore to Last Known Good Configuration", and that got the machine back to normal again.... for how long, anybody's guess. I don't know much about fixing these kinds of issues, but surely if I can stumble through the problem and somehow get it fixed, you would think Dell tech support could have done that. This is definitely my last Dell anything, and anyone and everyone I talk to about computers will hear my story and my warning to NEVER buy a Dell.

Anonymous said...

I am having problems with Dell since May.I had a good xp for 3 years with a 4 year warenty.I think my computer did not crash it was only the power button. They messed this up with replacing everything.Now that did not work & they sent me a Insprion which needed a video card. I refused to help India out they now sent me another but sent it to address we had 3 years ago. Now this took 3 more weeks.July 2 I got another replacement and that not working. I have so many problems I cant even list them all,But one problem is I have a black screen after steping away my my desks top. This means I have to use the tower button to shut dowm. Not one Indian Idoit can fix this. I am still within my limits to deal with the resulation dept the head Indains, but I sent 25 emails to them and now no respomse.I have a legal plan with my job and I want my money back somewho. I loged all my calls and spent 74 hours on the phone since May. Do you have any Idea for me. I am getting sick over this. I spent 60 at Best Buy to fix some stuff up and Dell did something to screw that up. I was thinking If this Insprion 530 I can change out the operating system to My old XP. Or does my current problem have nothing to do with it.
I will tell your Bolg that Dell is a horrible company and all they want you to do is SYSTEM RESTORE and have you lose all your personal info. Yesterday I had to spend 100.00 and get a external Hard drive. I need some help on what to do I also do not like Vista. My daughter has one and she does not have the same problems, she has other problems.

Anonymous said...

Well Doggiemadness an all the dell computer users.. I work for dell and SYSTEM RESTORE is not the only thing that we do. & yeah i am from India and if your are not able to go in any screen and not able to do a repair for the operating system then what the hell should we do leave the computer as it is or do SYSTEM RESTORE and if any new softwares that are installed on the computer that are not compatible with the Operating system then what will happen it will crash down and you would tell that DELL as a company is bad.. Dont you think before installing any new software or program if it is compatible with the operating system and then you say that the problem is with the DELL and make an BIG issue of it. and more over it when trying to install 2or 3 anti-virus on the computer and tell that the computer is running slow or computer crashes and what the DELL India do is to do a SYSTEM RESTORE and you all will loose all the data. if system crashes or if there is any other software issue then what will hardware department will do. If we say for the support you all have to pay then you all will get pissed off and tell that you want to talk to supervisor or will sue.. Think before you speak that all I have to say.

Dell technician said...

Thank you for calling dell technical support. My name is *****. How may i assist you today? All Dell Users Just think before you guys speak. There is no use blaming the dell products or the dell technical support. Dell Technical support helps you only in hardware. If you need any kind of software support then you should pay for it. Dell is responsible for any kind hardware failures. And dell will definitely replace the products if it is a faulty product. First stop speaking BAD about INDIAN DELL TECHNICAL SUPPORT. I bet only Indian dell technical support can give you the best work. No where else people can be so polite and kind like Indian people. So if you guys have any kind of issues with dell then show it to the products and not to the people. Dell is not responsible for the mistakes you guys do. Still dell gives you a lifeline and tries to help you stupid guys. You do not have to appreciate it too. But just do not speak about it. From my perspective i see that you guys just know how to speak. You do not know how things works and speak as if you guys know everything on computers.. huh.. Take a break guys. Sorry guys did not mean to hurt anyone. Just understand the situation before you guys speak. Thanks for choosing DELL. Have a great day Ahead. :) --- I AM A Dell Technical Support Agent From INDIA

Anonymous said...

"And dell will definitely replace the products if it is a faulty product" Quote from Dell Tech.

Sir you are wrong or either I'm dealing with fools. I've had to help my parents out on Dell Laptop that has so many issues, I've lost count. Three useless phone support calls and three depot returns have yet to resolve the issue. They may replace the parts, etc. But they forget to test it out before shipping it back. What a joke....

jamesrh34 said...

Ok, so I believe that when Dell Techs helped me reinstall my operating system, it created a block to downloading the program that I bought the computer for in the first place. The program is an Autodesk Architecture program on trial for the next 10 months and it downloaded fine before and now I get an Error Ceating Process message. Can you help me?

Nolan A. Kingston said...

Oh-my-God! I am suffering at this moment from bad technical support again and the customer service department keeps hanging up on me when I ask for a superviser. When I ask for the Corporate number, they say that they do not have it. Anyone with access to the corporate office number, please let me know. I have some words to share with their executive team. My phone number is (661) 948-1766. My name is Nolan. If you are suing them for poor, incompetent technical support, please include me in your lawsuits. Thank you!

Suresh said...

have purchased a Dell Studio 1535 in October 2008. By end of December 2008 the back lit failed there after I've raised multiple calls to fix the problem every time the tech support is keep on asking about information and they seems to be some stupids on training or doing studentship. Those who buy dell end up wasting money and precious time please don't buy Dell products in India.

Anonymous said...

I bought my dell xps system 7 yrs ago and have had nothing but trouble. First my cpu fan quit and my computer kept overheating, they could not understand what I was trying to tell them cause my tech person was a foreigner and we could not understand each other. About every othjer year ,my automatic update will install sp2 and my computer first starts freezing then eventually I have to do a clean install. The last 2 times costs me 100.00 dollars because my warranty expired for tech support. I originally paid 1200.00 for a computer "they" helped me build. I told them I knew nothing about computers and only needed the basics. Did they ever take advantage of me.

Robert said...

Just created this while ON HOLD with DELL

I will never buy another dell.

Anonymous said...

I've had a session of "dell hell" as well.

I'm reasonably computer literate, and I called them because of a design flaw: whenever a processsor intensive task (video encoding) is running on my computer, after a brief period, the computer overheats and powers off!

And their solution to the problem was to run Dell Diagnostics.I kept telling them that it only turned off when the processor became overheated, and they just said "Run Diagnostics".

Why do they think I'm an idiot?

Anonymous said...

unbelievable service , I have a studio and it was a gift from my father, but it made me go thru hell with them, I'm sure no one knew what they were getting themselves into when they bought a dell.

They opened their call centers in India and are expecting us to understand with the reps are saying, they don't listen to what you have to say, they don't have any respect and you honestly feel like your speaking to machines.

this is rediculous, havn't had this kind of service anywhere !!!

anonymous said...

The hinges are cheap plastic things that are not built to hold the large screens on laptops especiallY! I had this idea of phoning to make a suggestion to improve the hinges and got treated very badly, even hung up on. I was shifted around and spoke to several people who read and re-read form answers to me. When someone finally promised to help by that time I didn't believe her anymore. She treated me like I was a mentally deficient person who she could lie to to make me stop asking to get a simple message to the person who designs the computers and is looking for customer feedback on them. I wasn't speaking with an angry voice, only trying to make a constructive suggestion.